Dixie Grace Wax Melts - High Society
Dixie Grace

Dixie Grace Wax Melts - High Society

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Our brand new blend, High Society, is our nod to polite company and cultured class. We have taken a hearty wood base, blended it with magnolia blooms, and finished it out with ripe peaches off the vine. It's not too much of any one scent and settles into the senses delicately while staying bold.

Sounds like a contradiction? It is. You will love it.

Scent Strength - 4/5 - delicate but bold



For use in Wax Warmers, these cubes of scented wax are sure to take you down south in no time!


Burn Time (approximate) - 60 to 70 Hours of

Warming Time We recommend warming 2 cubes for 3-4 hours at a time over multiple uses until scent is gone from the soy wax. Prolonged warming (more than 3-4 hours) ill deteriorate the scent faster but is safe if* )longed warming is preferred. When you're rea to change scents, carefully soak the melted wax up with a cotton ball (or two or three) and toss in the trash. Be sure to wipe residual wax from the warmer before adding new scent cubes.